A podcast that focuses on the intersection of public health and social justice issues in the Mississippi Delta


Hosted by Daphne Robinson

I wanted to create a forum to discuss the challenges confronting the Mississippi Delta because I was born and raised there. It’s my home.
— Daphne Robinson JD MPH

Daphne is an attorney, public health professional, and now… podcaster!

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UpGroove, 05/28/2019

A Clear Labor of Love

If you love a thing, give it your attention. The host of MBDR puts this thought into action. Everyone has (or should have) a feeling about Mississippi. For me, Mississippi represents the most powerful genre of music on the planet—blues. Mississippi is also all things southern: food, community, and racial terrorism. This podcast promises to explore all that and then some. And I’m here for all of it. The land of Mississippi is not forgotten nor godforsaken. This podcast proves it.

A Nash, 03/29/2019

Fellow Greenvillian

Being from Greenville, Ms. myself, I love hearing the rich history of the Mississippi delta, especially that of my hometown of Greenville, which I called at the time I was living there, The Black Utopia of the south.

Barack Panther, 01/18/2019

MS Born. Delta Raised!

So excited for this! I’ve known Daphne for 30+ years, and she is one of the MS Delta’s finest products. Happy for all to hear her world view, colored by her unique perspective. It is influenced by her Southern roots, her career in the justice system, particularly as it relates to youth offenders, and her passion for Public Health. Listen to learn how they all are connected. Our forever First Lady, Michelle O, has encouraged us to share our story, so please, tune in to hear Daphne’s!